/How to Compile and Run a C program in Linux?

How to Compile and Run a C program in Linux?

Compiled on Jul 29 2012 in C

Do you want to know how to code, compile and execute C Program in Linux platform? Then you are at right place. In this tutorial I will show you how to write and run C Program in Linux terminal.

How to write & save C Program In Linux Terminal ?

Step 1

Start/Open/Go to Linux Terminal and type

vi Filename.c

In the above screenshot I have given filename as tutorial.c

Step 2

The Vi Editor will open.
Press I to insert text and start writing the C Program in it.


Step 3

After coding it.Just press Esc button and type


Here :wq specifies save and exit.

How to Compile C Program in Linux Terminal?

Step 4

The next step after coding is compilation part.To compile C Program type the following in Terminal,

gcc Filename.c


gcc -o h Filename.c

If you face any error again enter into text editor,

vi Filename.c

after fixing the error press Esc button and type


Step 5

Now execute the program to see the Output type



./h Filename.c

The output of the program will be displayed.

To know more about commands used in VI editor checkout our next tutorial.