Demystifying Truthy and Falsy in JavaScript

Compiled on Mar 04 2021 in JavaScript

JavaScript is the most widely used scripting language on the Internet, which makes it essential to understand the basics of the language. You may have heard about the truthy and falsy in JavaScript. To write good code, you need to understand what is truthy in JavaScript, what is falsy in JavaScript, and how to use […]

Maven from Beginner to Expert

Compiled on Mar 01 2021 in Java

Have you ever gone through the frustration of not able to compile your code even after aware of the fact that code is all right, but the error is due to the missing libraries or packages on your system? this is where Maven can help you or there may be a lot of situations where […]

JSON Vs JavaScript Object Literal

Compiled on Jan 29 2021 in JavaScript

Often new programmers get confused between JSON and JavaScript Object Literals. As JSON and Object Literals have the almost same syntax, they look the same, but they are not. In this article, you will get to know everything about JSON vs JavaScript Object Literal. What is JSON? JSON i.e. JavaScript Object Notation is nothing but […]

The Ultimate Guide to GitHub CLI

Compiled on Jan 01 2021 in Git

CLI stands for the command line interface. Tools that do not have graphical user interface and run on command line interface are called CLI tools. Companies make CLI tool for easier and faster access to features and functionality to improve productivity. Today, most widely used products such as AWS, Azure, Shopify, IBM Cloud, etc have their […]

The Ultimate Git Cheat Sheet

Compiled on Oct 24 2020 in Git

Version Control is a system that keeps a record of the changes made to files along with the addition and removal of files over time so that you can recall or reverse back to specific versions later. Most widely used version control system in the present time is Git. Git is a faster, more powerful […]

HTTP status codes made easy

Compiled on Oct 20 2020 in HTTP

On the internet, whatever you do is a request and whatever you get in return is a response. Let’s take an example: You enter google.com in the browser and hit enter ⇾ it’s a requestGoogle.com gets opened ⇾ it’s a responseYou often see some common three digits of codes when anything goes wrong, a most […]

Beginner’s Guide to Google Spreadsheet Using Java

Compiled on Aug 28 2020 in Java

Google Spreadsheets, a very handy tool to access and maintain your data. In the present time, spreadsheets have become an essential business tool. It can be used for many reasons, but collaboration and accounting are the top of them. Often things can become easier and time saviour for you if you get ability to update […]

Setting Up Counter Strike 1.6 on Garena

Compiled on Nov 06 2012 in Windows

Are you just leaving your old Half-Life or Counter Strike game CD scattered around your house and getting it dusty? Now is an ideal time to unleash again the sadistic animal within you! Learn to interact and cooperate with other Counter Strike immortals in other parts of the world. Experience fast and hack-free gaming with […]

What is the meaning of PATH and CLASSPATH?

Compiled on Oct 28 2012 in Java

In this Java tutorial we will learn What is Classpath in Java and How Classpath works in Java.Java is an OOP language. In java programming language compiler compiles and converts the source code into the byte code, that byte code is interpreted by JVM that converts the bytecode into the machine independent code. The CLASSPATH […]

How to Download and Install JDK and JRE?

Compiled on Oct 28 2012 in Java

Do you want to run Java programs, or do you want to develop Java programs? If you want to run Java programs, but not develop them, download, and install JDK or the Java Runtime Environment. If you want to develop Java applications, download, and install JDK or the Java Development Kit. The JDK includes the […]