/Convert your LAPTOP into a wireless access point.

Convert your LAPTOP into a wireless access point.

Compiled on Mar 16 2012 in Windows

Have a USB drive and can just use internet on your laptop or pc ??? well the problem is solved now as you can convert your PC into a router.

Convert your LAPTOP into a wireless access point.

All you need to do is to read this article!

So here we start

  • Go to Connectify Official Site and download the latest version of connectify
  • now install the setup file and Do Restart your pc
  • wait till the connectify screen automatically pops up.
  • give a name to your wireless router.
  • and tell the application about your USB drive , reliance, docomo or any other.
  • in most cases it will automatically detect.
  • and just click on start hotspot.
  • you are done, congratulations.
  • you even get the advanced authority to see the name of devices connected to your PC's WIFI
  • you also can start a security enabled or open network

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