/The Dominated Global Smartphone Market By Samsung and Apple

The Dominated Global Smartphone Market By Samsung and Apple

Compiled on Jul 29 2012 in News

As per the market-research firm IDC, Samsung and Apple have more than doubled their combine market share in global mobile phone market. The manufacturer’s shipping goes almost half of the world’s smartphones.
As Samsung taking advantage of Apple’s schedule that currently brings new devices ony in fall, Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy S III, of which the company is said to have already sold 10 million units. Where Apple offers a small number of high-profile products, Samsung employs a shotgun strategy, where many models are produced to cover a wide range of market segments. Despite differences in market approach, the companies are creating even more distances and competition and proved successful.

As per the recent studies Samsung topped the ranks of smartphone shipment in 2012, Samsung topped with shipment of 50.2 million units and a market share of 32.6%. In addition to the popular third generation Galaxy, Samsung also experienced continued success with its smartphone/tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note.
With the shipping of 26 million units and holding 16.9% of market, the Apple is at second in the market of smartphones. While the Cupertino-based company posted an expected sequential decline last quarter, this activity is usual for Apple leading up to a new product release, say like the iPhone 5.
Far behind in third is Nokia with the shipment of 10.2 million units and only 6.6% of the market. The company once again faced a transitional quarter, as demand for Symbia and MeeGo units declined. HTC reclaimed at the number four with shipping of 8.8 million units and 5.7% of the market. Its relative strong performance is only in Asia/Pacific region. And at the last of top five there is ZTE, which climbed into top 5 for the first time and thanks to its shipment of its lower-cost entry-level smartphones in China. The manufacturer shipped 8.0 million units and accounted for 5.2% of the market in second quarter.
Vendors are already looking ahead to 2013, focusing on how key markets, specifically Europe and emerging markets, will play out, according to IDC analyst Ramon Llamas. The effectiveness of recent maneuvers to shore up several countries within the Eurozone have yet to be seen, which could damper growth prospects for the mobile phone market. Yet, emerging markets will continue to be strong contributors, thanks to their size and growth trajectory, though it remains to be seen if they can offset potential declines in other countries.