/Molome Covers A Milestone

Molome Covers A Milestone

Compiled on Aug 21 2012 in SaaS

"Molome" a photo sharing application for Symbian, Blackberry and Android phones is on a much hype these days. The application with a tagline as ''Shoot, Share, Badged, Play" is getting a huge following in it's pocket and today it reached a million downloads on the Nokia OVI store. Just an year passed while this photo sharing app is affecting people all over the world to join and share their pictures , get awarded as a badge and make friends. The cool tagging option lets your photos be visible on the website's homepage . And the race of becoming a "Hot Molian" having the maximum no. of photos in the gallery makes you stick to the app. Apart from the race, people have a strong bond which is also the reason most of'em prefer Molome instead of Instagram.

With more than 650,000 users and over 6,500,000 photos on system within an year, Molo the Owl (mascot) is sharing his happiness by awarding a special badge to nokia users. Whereas still a long way to catch Instagram which is the most popular photo sharing app in town.
A lot of bugs are curbing the app to takeover Instagram which runs good and has a smooth and much better functionality. Android users are finding problems to download the application from the Market and from the official website , where as Molome does not give a full screen display on Android platform and a lot of bugs on Ice cream sandwich are making it troublesome to upload photos. The update version 2.1.11 for Nokia still crashes sometimes and hangs while commenting which is a major bug to be solved. The developers have made it through a million but still the app needs a lot of improvements and updates.

Me personally using the application regard myself as a molome addict, using the tagname #molous-addictus.