/Must Have FREE Apps For Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Must Have FREE Apps For Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Compiled on Mar 09 2012 in Windows Phone

One of the great things about smartphones is the wealth of apps. By downloading and installing the apps that fit my needs I customize the capabilities of the device to be uniquely suited for me. Today I will take a look at the must-have apps to use with "Mango".

To be honest, "Mango" is its own "must-have" app. Many of the functions are just integrated parts of the mobile OS with "Mango". The Office Hub provides the Office Mobile apps and seamless access to SkyDrive, so I don't need Box.net apps. The Messaging and Pictures apps weave my social networks in so I can post status updates and share pictures without the Facebook or Twitter apps. The visual search function can scan QR codes so I don't need a separate app for that either. But, that doesn't mean that there isn't still a need for apps--so here's my list of must-have "Mango" FREE apps.

1. YouTube:

Can't wait to see the latest videos posted by your friends? Use this app to play YouTube videos by tapping video links in your email and MMS messages, websites, and apps like Facebook. Tap the YouTube app icon to open YouTube in the browser, where you can sign in and browse millions of videos, including favourites and playlists. This app integrates with the Music & Videos hub so you can get to your most-recently played videos and launch YouTube from the hub.

2. Adobe® Reader®:

Adobe Reader is the global standard for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF documents. Now available for the Windows Phone 7 platform, Adobe Reader enables a high-quality PDF experience on your Smartphone.

3. Facebook:

Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can post status updates, receive Live Tile updates, check your news feed, review upcoming events, check in to places, manage your inbox, upload photos, publish notes, accept friend requests, pin Places and Messages as Tiles, and look at your friends’ photos, walls and info.
And don’t forget about Facebook Chat – it’s built into the Messaging app on your Windows Phone.

4. Twitter:

Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world, with the official Twitter for Windows Phone app. Tweets, real-time search, Suggested users, top Tweets, trending topics and maps show what's happening everywhere—and nearby.
Tweet, share photos and send direct messages to your friends and to the world. Don't have an account? Just sign up from the app.

4. Ringtone Factory:

Search for a song, then make it a ringtone!
Features: Huge library of songs, Two ringtone types, First 30 seconds, Custom, Simple and advanced tools for customizing ringtone

5. Evernote:

Evernote turns your phone into an extension of your brain. This award-winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put everything into Evernote and watch as it all instantly synchronizes from your phone to the Web to your PC. New to Windows Phone 7.5 are better social integration, search integration, background synchronization, and pinning of notes, notebooks, tags, searches, maps, and "new note" shortcuts audio, text and photo). You can now also pin template tiles, so that with one click you can create a new note with a title, tags, notebook and content that you want. It offer text templates that open up new note in the editor, photo templates that start the camera for you, and audio templates that start recording automatically.

6. AP Mobile:

Stay connected anywhere in the world with AP Mobile for Windows Phone 7! Tap into breaking stories, browse dynamic photos and videos, customize your news categories and share articles with friends. Bringing you international, national and local news from more than 1,200 trusted sources, AP Mobile is the News You Choose.

7. Shazam:

Hear a song you don't know? Shazam identifies it instantly. You can also Buy tracks direct on Zune Marketplace, Watch videos, concerts and artist clips on YouTube, Learn the lyrics you thought you knew, Read album reviews and artist biographies, Pin Shazam’s live tile to your start screen, Leave and return to the same place with fast app switching
This App gives you 5 Tags a month*. For unlimited tagging try their premium App – Encore.

8. TuneWiki:

The Music Player with Synced Lyrics in any language. The only music player where you can get, share and talk about lyrics and music. Listen to any music with synced lyrics, Share lyrics from your favorite songs with your network of friends, Get lyrics instantly translated into 40+ languages, What does that song mean? Comment on and discuss the meaning of lyrics and songs, Discover new music in your SongBox – songs that are being played and recommended by your friends, Explore Song Maps and real-time Top Charts to discover popular songs nearby and around the world.

9. Flashlight-X:

HTC Windows Phone 7 owners already get a flashlight - or torch to you and me - with their phone, but if you are a Nokia Lumia 800 user you won't.
There are plenty of options in the Marketplace, but we like Flashlight-X. Why? Because it is so simple. Turn the app on and your LED flash on the back of your phone will become a bright beacon and you can turn it on or off with a press of the big Pocket-lint logo looking power button. If you are worried about needing the option to SOS for help, there is a pretty set button for that as well.
FlashLight-X is free but with adverts, Flashlight-X Pro is INR 55.00 and rids you of advertising. Both offer exactly the same functionality.

10. Pocket Recorder™:

Pocket Recorder™ Sound + Recording Hub transforms your Windows Phone 7 device into a full-fledged sound recording and editing tool. It is designed to allow you to quickly record, process, and sync items in an easy to use manner. With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 "mango" we have added extensive integration of your recordings into your overall phone experience. You can now create ringtones from your recordings, pin them as tiles to your start menu, treat you recordings like tasks (complete with alarms), and many more features.

11. eBay:

The eBay Mobile application is designed specifically for Windows Phone. Using a streamlined interface that's as elegant as it is practical, eBay members can search, bid, and check their activity on the go. Buyers can submit that last-minute bid on a hard-to-find item, sellers can check on their sales, and act on time-sensitive information on the spot without a computer. eBay is open for business anytime, anywhere on Windows Phone!

12. IMDb:

IMDb is the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information, and has the leading app for Windows Phone to find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, get US TV listings, find latest DVD and Blu-ray releases, explore popular charts and share movie information.

They aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.

13. Tango Video Calls:

While not all Windows Phone 7 phones have a front facing camera - Nokia Lumia 800 we are looking at you - those that do, like the HTC Titan or Radar, can enjoy Tango - a messaging app that lets you do video calling.
Tango allows you to make free phone calls and free video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Make calls to any other person who has Tango installed on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Yep it would be easier if Microsoft made Skype available on Windows Phone 7, but they haven't.

Still that shouldn't put you off, the app is simple to use and works across Windows Phone, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and PCs meaning you don't have to insist that your friends get a WP7 phone as well for it to work in the same way FaceTime users have to both have an iPhone or iPad.