/Nokia promises Something Amazing on September 7

Nokia promises Something Amazing on September 7

Compiled on Aug 05 2012 in Windows Phone

Place your bets! A sign has been unveiled at Nokia’s flagship Helsinki store with the words “Something Amazing is coming…7.9.2012”. So what do we think that "something" is?

There is much speculation and excitement this week following a sign spotted on the Nokia flagship, indicating that something is up their sleeve following Nokia World in early September.

Nokia World is due to take place between 5 and 6 September in Helsinki, so it could it be a case of device announcement, followed by on sale the next day?

Should the “something” turn out to be a Windows Phone 8 device it’s likely to be met with mixed feelings from Nokia customers. Nokia World, an annual event held by Nokia to promote their latest and greatest devices was originally scheduled for 25 & 26 September but brought forward to its current scheduled date of 5 & 6 September. Therefore the timing of this “amazing” event is somewhat interesting, coming as it does immediately after Nokia World.OR there could be a new version of nokia operating system symbian or a new device or upgrade of meego



Of course we could all be way off the mark and perhaps the “something” is simply a renovated shop interior. Now that really would smart us.

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