/Nokia Lumia beats iPhone

Nokia Lumia beats iPhone

Compiled on Aug 04 2012 in Windows Phone

Dont be so suprised after reading the tiltle there has been no mistake in the tiltle it is for those who thinks that lumia is not accepted by the market.

Lumia phones were made by nokia in its process of changing its operating system to windows even with high reviews these phones were thought to be not well received by the market but the sales data of nokia has astonished all the market pandits...the nokia lumia phones were sold more than twice than iphone and seven times the samsung galaxy series.

Nokia shipped 10.9 million of its Lumia line of phones in the three quarters since it debuted. Comparative figures about Apple’s iPhone sales reveal that they shipped only 5.4 million units in the first three quarters post launch. Samsung’s Android family of phones clocked only 1.5 million units in the same period post launch. This makes Nokia Lumia a clear leader.

The start might be a bright one for lumia but the next path is full of thrones as apple has sold more than 100 millions iphone in the last three quaters but whatever be the future this is clearly a ray of hope for the finnish company which is suffering loses for consecutive quaters