/Outlook.com a new web mail service moves gmail to TRASH

Outlook.com a new web mail service moves gmail to TRASH

Compiled on Aug 02 2012 in News

With Hotmail no longer the 'hottest' email service in the town, Microsoft has launched Outlook.com, a new web mail service, to take on Google's extremely popular Gmail.
Outlook.com is in fact designed to work well on tablets and touchscreens. Another interesting aspect of this move is that Microsoft is combining many of its past offerings, such as Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, into a single, simple online service. If you already have an Hotmail or Live account, you can log in to Outlook.com with the same email address, which will keep your inbox, folders and contacts intact.

The process of registration is really simple, and doesn’t run into multiple pages of questions. Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can’t help but notice notice the minimalistic design and layout.It not only has a amazing simple user interface bUT microsoft has also integrated SKYPE the video chat service which it buyed last year.The outlook also integrates with the cloud service SKYDRIVE as well as to the social networks like FACEBOOK and SOCL.COM If you want to register a new @outloook.com ID, you should probably head over to the service right now while unique names are still up for grabs as more than 1 million people registered within the 6hrs of its launch.