/Rumours!!! iPad3 in action

Rumours!!! iPad3 in action

Compiled on Mar 07 2012 in News

Yes we have the news, Apple will unveil its third generation of iPad today. The possible changes as i think are an upgraded processor, improved camera, 4G LTE connectivity.

The Cupertino, California based tech giant has invited the media to a company event at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center of Arts, where the first two generation of the ipad's have been launched at about the same time of the year for the last two years.

Well most importantly, the question arises that what's difference b/w the  third tablet as compared two the first two apple tablets?

The most widely expected changes to the new iPad are a "retina display" with about double the resolution of the first two generations of iPads, which both had 1,024x768 resolution touchscreens. Other rumours include smaller screen sizes and varying opinions about what sort of a processor will be a part of the iPad 3.

Both the 1st gen and the 2nd gen iPad's were unveiled by Steve Jobs on Jan.27, 2010 and March 2, 2011 respectively. But with Apple co-founder's death last October, The task of showing the new iPad is expected to fall to CEO Tim Cook.

The differences b/w the Apple's next iPad and the incarnations aren't expected to be groundbreaking, but rather evolutionary. But the consumers go "Gaga" in record numbers to scoop up Apple devices.