/Setting Up Counter Strike 1.6 on Garena

Setting Up Counter Strike 1.6 on Garena

Compiled on Nov 06 2012 in Windows

Are you just leaving your old Half-Life or Counter Strike game CD scattered around your house and getting it dusty? Now is an ideal time to unleash again the sadistic animal within you! Learn to interact and cooperate with other Counter Strike immortals in other parts of the world. Experience fast and hack-free gaming with Garena! You can find the complete installation guide after the jump.

There are 3 versions of Counter Strike being supported by Garena client, the old CS 1.5, the upgraded CS 1.6, and the complete remake Counter Strike Source using the Source Game Engine of Half Life 2. Below is the visual guide for the overhauled CS 1.6.

Garena Settings

1.Install Game and Garena Game Client

2. Double-click on the Garena Icon on the desktop to start the game.
3.Login with your Garena username and password.
4. Now on Garena, find and click Settings which located at top of Garena.

5. Once the Game Settings appear, find and click Counter Strike 1.6 in LAN Games list on the left.
6. In Executable Settings, browse to your hl.exe, eg: C:\Program Files\Valve\hl.exe
7. In Game Bootstrap Parameters, fill in -nomaster -game cstrike

8. Click UPDATE button and you are done.
9. To start Counter Strike 1.6 via Garena, click the Start Game button.

Playing on a local server

1.Join any room located in the CS 1.6 category
2. Click on "Start Game"
3. Click on "Find Servers"
4. Click on "LAN"
5. Double click the game you wish to join.