/SURFACE the Ultimate iPad Killer?

SURFACE the Ultimate iPad Killer?

Compiled on Aug 02 2012 in Windows Phone
Taking on the iPad! Many have tried, almost all have failed. But now there’s a new sheriff in town and it seems this one wants to take no prisoners.

Two decades after a fierce battle for the PC market, Microsoft and Apple are set to slug it out for control of the tabletsegment. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on 19th june unveiled Surface, the company's first tablet to take on the iPad, running on the upcoming Windows 8-a new operating system that will be used across phones, tablets and PCs-the slate comes in two models: The lower-end Surface for Windows RT and other on Windows PRO based on windows 8.

This is a pretty sweet device that seems to incorporate all the critical as well as most dream features. First, the really amazing stuff. A very thin, very nice looking, brightly coloured smart cover with a built in 3-mm pressure-sensitive keyboard that is actually useable. Then there’s the incredibly well thought out kick stand that merges right back into the body of the device.

Another innovation is the digital ink stylus – it’s magnetic and sticks to the side, eliminating chances of losing it. Add to this a very thin and light form factor, a fast processor, MicroSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD video connectors, front and rear HD cameras, up to 128GB storage, 10.6 inch HD screen and the fact that there will be two versions. One for the normal ‘iPadish’ type of person and a Pro version for those who need a Tablet to also be a serious business machine.

The tablet will be available in the market from 26 oct. the same date on which windows 8 will be launching the prices not have been disclosed but are expected to be around 250$-300$ for windows RT and around 650$ for the pro version.

will it be another XBOX sucess or it will fail like nexus 7 its the time that will tell but its certain that surface has not only created a buzz in the market but have astonished market from its looks and is been seen a ULTIMATE IPAD KILLER before its launch.