Nokia promises Something Amazing on September 7

Compiled on Aug 05 2012 in Windows Phone

Place your bets! A sign has been unveiled at Nokia’s flagship Helsinki store with the words “Something Amazing is coming…7.9.2012”. So what do we think that “something” is? There is much speculation and excitement this week following a sign spotted on the Nokia flagship, indicating that something is up their sleeve following Nokia World in early September. […]

Nokia Lumia beats iPhone

Compiled on Aug 04 2012 in Windows Phone

Dont be so suprised after reading the tiltle there has been no mistake in the tiltle it is for those who thinks that lumia is not accepted by the market. Lumia phones were made by nokia in its process of changing its operating system to windows even with high reviews these phones were thought to […]

Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM and JIT (JDK vs JRE vs JVM vs JIT)

Compiled on Aug 04 2012 in Java

As we have discussed Advantages & Features of Java. I told you about the concept of Write-once-run-anywhere (known as the Platform independent). Its ability to run & move Java programs easily from one platform to another (same or different) but the platform must have the JVM. Now the question arises “having JVM installed on your […]


Compiled on Aug 02 2012 in News

SHER SINGH, the brand’s first collection, is a contemporary line for men and women inspired by the rich heritage of the classic cricket lifestyle also launched their Refer & Win Program Where You can Win a FREE WARDROBE for a year i.e. FREE 12 Products Each Month of Your Choice of any amount by Just […]

SURFACE the Ultimate iPad Killer?

Compiled on Aug 02 2012 in Windows Phone

Taking on the iPad! Many have tried, almost all have failed. But now there’s a new sheriff in town and it seems this one wants to take no prisoners. Two decades after a fierce battle for the PC market, Microsoft and Apple are set to slug it out for control of the tabletsegment. Microsoft CEO […]

Outlook.com a new web mail service moves gmail to TRASH

Compiled on Aug 02 2012 in News

With Hotmail no longer the ‘hottest’ email service in the town, Microsoft has launched Outlook.com, a new web mail service, to take on Google’s extremely popular Gmail. Outlook.com is in fact designed to work well on tablets and touchscreens. Another interesting aspect of this move is that Microsoft is combining many of its past offerings, […]

How to Print String Without Using Semicolon in C Language

Compiled on Jul 31 2012 in C

Yes, we can print string without using semicolon (;) (terminator) in whole program of C language. In this tutorial I will tell you how to print string without using any semicolon in C Language. Here are few programs you can try them: Here the {} act as a blank compound statement. But it is not […]

Advantages & Features of Java

Compiled on Jul 31 2012 in Java

Today I’m going to tell you about the basic advantages and features of Java that make Java a powerful and most popular programming language: In my last article Introduction to Java: A true object oriented programming language, I introduced you all to Java and told you about history of Java. As stated in Java language […]

The Dominated Global Smartphone Market By Samsung and Apple

Compiled on Jul 29 2012 in News

As per the market-research firm IDC, Samsung and Apple have more than doubled their combine market share in global mobile phone market. The manufacturer’s shipping goes almost half of the world’s smartphones. As Samsung taking advantage of Apple’s schedule that currently brings new devices ony in fall, Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy S III, of […]